About Us

About us

Bindal Transolutions Pvt Ltd, a company approved by FSSAI & IBA is   a Rs. 75 Crore company with over 58 years of experience in the heavy-lift, logistics, and supply chain space. Started as a small company by the off shoot of name of Indian Roadways Corporation LTD( IRC Ltd) started in 1963. as Bindal Transolutions Pvt Ltd we have grown in stature and reputation. Through timely and cost effective services, the company has been earning customer repute and a rich clientele comprising of major corporates. The differentiator and value proposition in our services comes from our expertise in  logistics & supply chain, transportation, and material handling that we have developed over the past 4 decades. The company has a Pan India presence  offices in all major cities and  and over 9 warehouses in ownership and long-term lease.

We are members of:

1. All India Motor Transport Congress, New Delhi

2. Delhi Goods Transport Association

We are engaged in the movement of all consignments (ODC Machinery and Containers Movement+ Raw Material + Finished Goods). Once the client gives his requirements he can be rest assured that work will be done. We are a One Stop Shop & believe in completing the work come what may.

Our directors and other staff are well educated ,experienced and qualified and are able to adopt and upgrade to all kinds of systems, procedures and methods as required by the customers

Last but not the least we believe that we are the feet of our customers and ensure that we are always on our toes to ensure timely and efficient services.

Besides FSSAI, we were also approved by SEDEX.